CKBM :                                                  


   Men's Ministry 

:  Teach men to become leaders

:  Build character

:  Build Integrity

:  Build self esteem                          


Women Ministry

 Teach women to understand what their role is in the kingdom of God with out loseing their own identity that God has given unto them. 


Build character 

: Build integrity                                                         

: Build self esteem                           

: Build identity                                                                                                   


 Youth leadership program  

:  Teach youth to become leaders          

:  Build character

:  Build integrity

:  Build self esteem           


       At CKB Ministries we assist and encourage our youth to become productive citizens.  We build the total man by teaching them both the natural and spiritual principles of life ensuring that they will have awareness and balance in life.  We will serve At-Risk youth, gang members, juvenile delinquent, those who come from single parent families, and youth whose parent(s) are incarcerated. 

Core values

- God First 

- Character

   - Responsibility

    -  Accountability

Our core values will help to keep us on track and stay in the will of God.  When you put God first everything else will fall in to place you will began to walk in the will of God and their is no better place to be than in His will.   

The book of Genesis says that human beings are made in God's image. One way of understanding what that means is to think in terms of what God does rather than how God "looks.




We are looking forward to partnering with you and your organization.  We can not do this alone.  We need everyone to get involved in our young people lives to stop the violence and the chaos that is troubling our communities.  The Old African Proverb state:  ?It takes a village to raise a child,? which is true and very relevant today.  It is going to take everyone working together to end our gang, drug, alcohol, teen pregnancies, teen drop out problems, etc.  We need each other to make this work, so, we will love for you to partner with us to better our communities.  We need you to volunteering your time, our utilizing your center for training, conference room, or your financial contribution, etc.  It is going to take everyone to get involved.   





































































































































































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