Pastor Johnnie M. Darden, Sr., &  First Lady Freda D. Darden. 

Pastor Darden has a Diploma from the Church of God In Christ Academy, Greater N.C. Jurisdiction, and has dedicated his live to serve people. Elder Darden served four years with the 82nd Airborne Division and three years with the U.S. Army Reserve 535th MP Unit.  Elder Darden served his community. He started a mentoring program for our youth called Standing Inside The Gap, Inc., for more information about this program please visit our website at http://www.standingnc.com/.   Pastor Darden clearly understands the community needs and has an inside view of what area need to be met. Serving the community and providing hope is truly Elder Darden Calling.


Lady Freda Darden

Lady Darden has a Bachelor degree in Business Organization Management, Associates Degree in Business Finance, and Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Darden has served faithfully in the moms department teaching children church.  Mrs. Darden truly has a heart for young people as well as the elderly, she has dedicated her life to help, encourage, uplift, and guide young people in the right direction with God as her source.  Lady Darden truly believes that everyone has a role to play in the kingdom of God some have more than others, but the point is to make sure you are doing your role.  It is vital that you find out what your purpose is and walk in it for this is the will of God. Lady Darden works faithfully in the ministry with her husband and is dedicated to playing her role in building the kingdom of God.


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